Inside the April 2014 Issue

2014_04_issueOur April issue contains a great variety of articles to entertain and educate, from Janis Stein’s new Countryside Yarn, detailing one family’s battle against the Irish potato famine and their subsequent life-or-death decision to migrate to America to Al Eicher’s The Way it Was, which gives a nod to notable movie and television comedians from the good ole days. Nature writer Ryan Walker explains Winterkill and the after-effects of animals facing a hard winter, while Dr. Timothy Grondin details a case study whereby a skeptical patient is convinced of the benefits of Applied Kinesiology in The Doctor’s Corner. Grace Grogan’s Who Am I? cites the importance of taking your digital camera along when researching family history, and our Wells Fargo Advisors explain the keys for leaving children a solid legacy in Securing Your Future. Our April issue’s diversified mix offers a little something for everyone! Enjoy!

Our free Featured Article this month is Healing From the Roots Up by Jessica Pawlowski. To access the entire issue or our archives on line, purchase one of our premium membership plans here.

Researching Your Family History: Back to the Basics

When trying to decide what to write each month I like to review where we have been and what we have not yet explored.  During my review I noticed that I began writing this column on researching family history in 2011.  I could not believe how much time had passed.  I’m sure in 2-1/2 years we have picked up some new readers and I have hopefully also acquired some regular followers.  A review of the basics to genealogy research is a good educational review.  It is easy to accidentally skip important steps and a reminder gets things back on track.   I’m looking forward to another year of writing columns that help our readers learn how to locate information on their ancestors and the things that may have shaped their lives.  Check out my column “Who Am I?  Researching Your Family History  Back to the Basics” in the March 2014 issue of The Lakeshore Guardian.

Inside the March 2014 Issue

March 2014 IssueAs the sun’s warmth and brightness heightens, our thoughts turn to spring, so be sure to look for our monthly Garden Guidance column, with articles submitted by our friends in the Master Gardeners group. This issue begins a new Guardians of Freedom sketch, honoring World War II veteran and Deckerville, Michigan, native Merle Van Sickle; Mr. Van Sickle spent time in Italy during the war and was gracious enough to share his heart-wrenching memories. As winter turns into spring, so, too, can you transform with better health. Be sure to look for our Wellness Tip of the Month to learn the benefits of drinking bone broth; Healing from the Roots Up supports the naturopathic perspective of why babies need breast milk; and The Doctor’s Corner, by Dr. Timothy Grondin of Total Health Chiropractic, investigates whether our fears are inherited. Stay well and think spring!

Our free Featured Article this month is Guardians of Freedom by Janis Stein. To access the entire issue or our archives on line, purchase one of our premium membership plans here.

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